7 Tips for Diversifying in the New Economy

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I’ve been thinking a lot since the insurrection at the US Capital about the difference between a doomsday prepper, and just being prepared. A prepper is someone who is constantly ready for the economic and societal collapse that they believe inevitable. Although this is not outside the realm of possibility, I don’t believe that this time is … Read more

Becoming a Frugal Family

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Being raised with the last name Stein, I can still remember being teased. One moment that really stands out is the day that a few kids glued a quarter to the sidewalk and waited for me to unsuccessfully scrape it up and then taunt me with the refrain, “Don’t be so Steinish about it”. This started my complicated relationship with money. If … Read more

Get rid of your 9-5 once & for all

When I was young, I remember the parents on the block creating a unified force to deliver their advice to us kids: Secure a stable 9-5 job Ensure you have a good pension Enjoy your two weeks off each year And, many bought into this myth only to lose their unused time-off, or watched their … Read more

Why We Became Renegades

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Have you ever started a day on top of the world, only to be crushed by the mundane schedule in which you have landed. Wake up go to work, run around, dash home, shovel in dinner, all in the pursuit of health insurance, or the promise of a retirement fund that you may get to … Read more