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Acupuncture Business Coach

Earn More - Burnout Less

Being an acupuncturist can be hard.

Are you struggling with strategy?

The acupuncturist forums online are filled with a hurricane of strong and differing opinions on how to practice acupuncture, how to run your acupuncture business, and how the hell to deal with insurance.

And let's be honest, your school's alumni services left much to be desired.

Even if you are one of the sharpest alums with glowing reviews from the amazing treatments you’ve given, you still feel lost and uncertain about the best way to grow your practice.

You wanted to be an acupuncturist, but the business of acupuncture is what is causing you strife.

What if we told you...

that it’s possible to learn what other successful acupuncturists are doing?

  • How are they maximize their EHR

  • What types of marketing is really working

  • How they are successfully diversifying income streams

  • And, most importantly, how to do what you love and make more without burning out!

All this and more is possible when you have the right kinds of support.


Introducing Jason Stein

Acupuncture Business Coach

I’m Jason Stein, a licensed acupuncturist since 1998. I created one of the first acupuncture programs in a western hospital, have worked with hundreds of acupuncturists, and I can honestly share that there is no cookie cutter model.

Like a treatment with patients, what you need more than anything is a customized approach. I have designed the Acupuncture Business Coaching program with your unique needs and goals in mind.


Get help before you burn out,
you definitely don’t have to do it all alone!

- Jason Stein


The Acupuncture Business Coach Program includes:

  • Two x 50 minute Zoom sessions per month

  • Unlimited text support for quick Q & A

  • Templated Emails to raise prices, hire staff, and more

  • Wealth Meditations to raise your money mindset

  • And an active community of wellness professionals. Finally, make your ideas a reality.

The Acupuncture Business Coach Program is designed for those who are ready for a significant shift in how your business exists in the world.

Make a significant investment in your business future!

$695 per month x 6 months
pay in full - $4170

This is an investment that will pay for itself
in revenue, opportunity and peace of mind.

If you are open and ready to do the work,
I am ready to work with you!

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