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Facilitated MasterMind for Acupuncturists

No Insurance Hassles - More Profit

Being an acupuncturist can be hard.

Are you tired of fighting to get paid?

As an acupuncturists you often focus on each session individually, navigating the complexities of all the tools in your toolbag, and often end up providing extensive care beyond acupuncture, including after-hours services, at no cost.

It's time for some honesty: you're much more than just an acupuncturist, and the extent of your generosity has been ample.

Despite being one of the brightest alumni with a growing practice, you face an increasing demand from  patients and often insurance companies, leaving you feeling like more is being taken from you than you've given.

Your aspiration was to be an acupuncturist, yet the business aspect of acupuncture is leading you to work harder and harder for diminishing returns. A new approach to business is needed, one where your dedication is met with fairness, where insurance battles are eliminated, and your tendency to overgive is balanced with you getting paid for the work you do.

What if I told you...

that it’s possible that you can build a program and

  • Not have to wrestle with insurance companies

  • Getting paid more for the support you give

  • Have money coming in before the month starts

  • And, most importantly, having a community of other supportive Acupuncturists on your team

All this and more is possible when you have the right MasterMind!


Introducing Jason Stein

Acupuncture Business Coach

I’m Jason Stein, a licensed acupuncturist since 1998. I created one of the first acupuncture programs in a western hospital, have worked with hundreds of acupuncturists, and I can honestly share that there is no cookie cutter model.

Like a treatment with patients, what you need more than anything is to begin to offer a PROGRAM rather than contuing to sell TREATMENTS.


Get help before you burn out,
you definitely don’t have to do it all alone!

- Jason Stein


Your Facilitated MasterMind Program includes:

  • Two Group 50 minute Zoom sessions per month 1st and 3rd Monday at 9am PST -  May - Oct 2024

  • A community forum for unlimited text support for quick Q & A

  • One 30 minute private per month

  • Wealth Meditations to raise your money mindset

  • And a dedicated group of other providers who are ready to grow their business outside the insurance model.

The Facilitated Acupuncture MasterMind Program is designed for those who are ready for a significant shift in how your business exists in the world.

Make a significant investment in your business future!

$350 per month x 6 months
if signed up before March 31st 2024

This Program Runs May - Oct 2024

This is an investment that can pay for itself
in revenue, opportunity and peace of mind.

If you are open and ready to do the work,
we can work together in a community setting!

We ask that you only take the next step if you are ready to make a 6 month commitment to grow your business.

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