Jason Stein

It’s time to grow the health and wellness of your business and your body.

Running a business without running yourself ragged can be a damn hard journey. The endless to do’s, keeping up with the newest technology, knowing where to put your focus, or how much time your allowed to give to yourself without feeling like a slacker.

And, I’m willing to bet that your are not that great at making requests or asking for help, even when you really need it. 

You do know how to get $h!t done, but you have this nagging voice telling you that there has to be a simpler way. The simple answer is, YES!

This is the very reason we created Wellness Renegades with individual support and a whole community that can help you scale your business without costing you your well being.

I’m Jason, and after watching both my stepdad and pop work over 70-hours every week I’ve made it my mission to support myself and other entrepreneurs to create healthy lives and healthy businesses.

Along with my wife, Dr. Rachel, we’ve created an amazing community of like minded individuals who want vibrant businesses without having to sacrifice their health.

Now you can get the community and business coaching for entrepreneurs like you all in one.

How I Work.

You immediately get access to the community and then one time per month we schedule a session over Zoom and strategies how to get your business simpler and more profitable.

Sessions happen the same time each month, last for 50 minutes and come with 1-2 emails per month. We talk about the biggest business challenges you face and create a realistic roadmap for you. 

What else to you get?

The Wellness Renegades is your one stop business and health community resource. In addition to a 50-minute private session, you’ll also have access to:

  • The Renegade Roll Call - Weekly Group Accountability and Motivation Check In
  • Co-Working Sessions - To Get Your Admin Time Done in an atmosphere that keeps you on task
  • Special Guest Speakers - examples include: How to Grow Your Podcast, How to Grow Your YouTube Channel, etc.
  • 5 Day Challenges - such as: Minimizing Social Media while Maximizing Growth, Creating Videos that Connect to Your Ideal Clients, Updating Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Speed Networking - To Easily Meet the Community and Create cross-referral opportunities
  • Desk Stretch Friday - A Weekly 15 Minute Stretch at Your Desk
  • Shared Resources - to help with Hiring, Getting a Trademark, Samples of Release Forms
  • Weekly Prompts - Celebration Wednesday, Follow Up Friday

And, drumroll🥁...Over 100 Like-Minded Travers on the Journey of Growing Your Healthy Business and Wealthy Life

Why now is the perfect time to start.

If you’re tired of trying to do it all alone, then STOP and get some support. I have seen so many people just like you excel in this hybrid support model.

For a fraction of the cost of big Coaching and Consulting fees, you can begin the journey to reclaim your health and start doing business on your own terms.

Fill out the form below and we’ll see if we are a match to work together.

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