The Wellness Rengades Podcast

Episode 1: Healing, Homeopathy & Leadership

In this episode, Jason Stein is joined by Donna Powers, a homeopath with 18 years of experience and a vision of a homeopathic kit in every household. Donna’s journey into homeopathy began when her son developed a chronic health issue after she had him vaccinated. After 2 years of invasive tests with no results, she brought her son to a homeopathic practitioner who was able to fix the issue with just one remedy. Donna threw herself into learning about homeopathy after that, committed to helping and healing families like hers.

Tune in to hear them discuss:

  • The history of homeopathy – and how to explain it to others
  • Natural immunity and self-healing
  • The benefits, cost, and care of homeopathic kits
  • The personal and spiritual work involved with being a leader in a controversial and polarizing field
  • The debate surrounding vaccines and alternative medicine
  • How to handle antagonistic responses to alternative medicine
  • How Donna transitioned from a solo homeopathic practitioner to running an online, global classroom

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