The Wellness Rengades Podcast

Episode 2: Self-care, Biohacking and Growing your business

This week, Jason Stein is joined by Wellness Renegade Paul Zelizer, founder of Awareprenuers: a community of people at the intersection of conscious business, social impact, and awareness practices.

Paul Zelizer worked as a counselor and social worker in New Mexico.working with families whose kids were just starting to get in trouble. It was beautiful work, but hard work. After a rough patch of compassion fatigue Paul decided it was time to reinvent his work in a way that would serve him better financially and emotionally.  Paul was drawn to coaching as a vehicle to help make the impact he wanted on the world more peaceful and possible.

In this episode, Jason and Paul discuss:

  • How to turn profit-driven companies and entrepreneurs on to social justice
  • Ways to find or identify reliable sources of support and information as an entrepreneur
  • How to take care of your wellness as an entrepreneur – and why it’s ESSENTIAL
  • How to make time for awareness practices
  • Biohacking and microhabits
  • Remaining curious and adaptable with personal wellness
  • How to add substance to your marketing

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