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Episode 3: Visibility, Fear and Self Worth

In this episode, Jason Stein interviews Maisie Hill, menstrual health expert, birth doula, and author of “Period Power,” a best-selling book that serves as a profound but practical blueprint to harness your hormones and get them working for you.

Having struggled with debilitating period pain for years, Maisie set out on a journey to discover ways she could better understand and connect with her reproductive system. In questing for an answer, she trained in Chinese medicine acupuncture, the Arvigo techniques of Mayan abdominal therapy, reflexology, aromatherapy, and paediatric acupuncture. Now she uses this knowledge – and her own unique way of treating – to help women discover the power of their own menstrual cycle

Join Maisie and Jason as they talk about:

  • How to combat the stage-fright and perfectionism that comes with going viral
  • Knowing the worth of your service and experience
  • The transformative opportunities fear creates
  • Getting published and finding an ideal agent
  • Involving men in discussions surrounding menstrual health
  • Choosing between passion projects as a entrepreneur
  • Strategic alliances in business
  • How to build a quality following

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