Week Two

Welcome to week two! So appreciate you all, as we learn about Core Marketing Messages, research, and making SEO easier. This week we identified Core Marketing Messages and why they are so important in building your business. We then discovered how to do interviews and use Amazon to discover what people want and what people … Read more

Week Six

It’s the final week! You survived 6 weeks of SEO! Today’s session is all about analytics! The tools have a lot of data but you only need to look at a tiny bit to get a good idea of how things are going for you! We didn’t have time to cover the 100 Points of … Read more

Week Five

Welcome to week five! Social Media with Sanity. You really can do less on social media and get better results if it’s paired with your SEO. Actions for this week! Simple and consistent strategies will get your momentum Fill out 4 part content worksheet Pick your main social media platform and pair with SEO strategies … Read more

Week Four

Welcome to week four! Hopefully this week it is all starting to come together with the practical knowledge for how to actually add your keywords to a post or page. Spend a little time doing this for each post and page and watch as it gets FOUND! Links & resources mentioned in the session: Copytrack … Read more

Week Three

Thank you to everyone who participated today! Today’s video is now up as well as the content formula resource, the actions for this week and the slides. Examples of content Here are the links that we covered today plus a couple that we didn’t have time for. How to remineralize teeth naturally and reverse tooth … Read more

Making the Most of This Course!

Welcome to the course! Here are a few notes and links for making the most of this course! Tips Do the course work ASAP after the workshops! If you miss a session catch up with the recording before the next session. Do the work! This is not a theoretical process. If you take the actions … Read more

Week One

Welcome to week one! Thanks to everyone who participated in today’s session! This week we looked at keywords/keyphrases and how to build your own list in Keysearch. Keysearch is $17 a month and I suggest using it for a month or two to get your list together. https://vimeo.com/606116519 Actions for this week! Do some keyword … Read more