How to Live Your Best Life!

Are you living your best life? What does it even mean to live your best life?

In the Wellness Renegades community, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in mental and physical health. People who are at the top of their game helping & healing people, whilst fulfilling their own greatest desires and living life by design.

It’s an inspiring group!

We took some time to collate their top tips for your reading pleasure…

9 Top Tips for Living Your Best Life!

Live your best life

1. Come home to yourself

Create that home to be a welcoming place of gentleness, compassion, and acceptance. Get to know yourself – your needs and wants with full permission to have them.

Let go of what no longer serves you as you step into who you are becoming. Be true to yourself and do not abandon yourself as you show up and reclaim the life that is yours to live.

Barb Klein
Life Coach – Possibilitator

2. Cultivate your sexual pleasure

One of the most pervasive issues I see with clients is using climax as a measure as to whether their sex life is successful. I see women abdicating their pleasure to their partners, and partners feeling like a failure if climax is not achieved.

To do this, firstly breathe, move, and make sound EVERYDAY. Secondly, let go of the goal. Gents her orgasm has nothing to do with you. Ladies, your pleasure is up to you, the body has the capacity for unbelievable pleasure, to access this, cultivate a relationship with your body.

Deborah Kat
Relationship-Based Life Coach

3. Connect to your soul’s calling

My top tip for living your best life. Be authentically connected to your soul’s calling and celebrate the joyful moments. Seek to attune to your inner Joy while experiencing the ups and downs of life. Remember that connection is the correction.

Dianne A. Allen
Intuitive Mentor for Gifted Creatives

Forest bathing

4. Find your favorite pause

My top recommendation for living your best life is to find your favorite pause. Do you love taking a moment to watch a breeze swirl through tree leaves or clouds move through the sky? Is it take a short walk and feeling each footfall? Or is it the rhythm of preparing a good meal?

Find your pause, and you can reset easily at any moment on any day of the week. We often underestimate the quiet, still moments, and yet these give us the dynamic jumping-off point for inspiration, creativity, and growth.

Lindsey Thompson
Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine Provider

5. Heal your traumas sooner rather than later

Healing traumas is money in the bank. The sooner you invest in your retirement, the greater your return later, right? The same goes for mental health. Most people wait until they are disabled from their traumas before they seek help.

For women, this is often in their 40s or later. For men, this is often after their marriage is in trouble or dissolved. Don’t wait. Any healing work you do early in life creates rich dividends. And it might actually help your earning potential!

Susan Pease Banitt
LCSW Psychotherapist and Author

6. Balance, one step at a time

Achieving optimal health doesn’t boil down to doing just one thing. It is about what you eat, how you manage stress, getting quality sleep and moving your body. Often, we have imbalances in one or more of these areas but making positive, incremental behavior changes can change your health and life for the better.

But the road to true change isn’t necessarily direct; we are all perfectly imperfect beings and deviations will happen. When they do, the key to continuing to move forward is a practice in mindfulness where we observe, absent all judgement, what happened and learn from it.

Christina Brockett
Integrative & Functional Clinical Nutritionist

How to live your best life

7 Be kind

My top tip for living well is to be kind–to yourself and others.

Iris P. Weaver
Herbalist and Foraging Instructor

8. Be compassionate

Have extreme compassion for yourself and others.

Dessa Bingley 
Licensed Acupuncturist

9. Together is Better

Together is Better is both my email salutation as well as my top tip for living well. No one creates anything truly magical alone. It is in the sharing of ideas and resources that great things get done. For example, this blog post (wink wink)

Jason Stein
Cofounder Wellness Renegades

10. Get Outside

No matter how hot, cold, or in-between, connecting outside away from screens is a vital part of staying sane. Grounding yourself with nature and fresh air can be the difference between being able to tackle your business challenges head on and getting stuck and hiding out and limiting your own success.

Dr. Rachel Sterry
Cofounder Wellness Renegades

There you have it, 9 tips for how to live your best life – (and a bonus tip, if you were counting!).

What is your top tip for living your best life? Please share it in the comments!

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