A great beginning. Jason is an excellent business coach for wellness providers, and he totally walks his walk. As an acupuncturist, he's helped build his own practices and guided others to do so with simplicity, fun, and profitability. Very excited to keep listening.

Engaging and insightful. The fact that I listened to it all the way through says a lot! If I don't get engaged early on I stop listening to a podcast, and not everyone out there is good at interviewing. But here, Jason is so natural and he asks great questions that resonate with listeners, and he is gracious with his guests.

Genuine, funny, and full of insights. Loved the episodes I've listened to so far. Jason and his guests are very natural and have real conversations that are meaningful to anyone who's interested in wellness in a renegade kind of way! Look forward to hearing more!!

Awesome Information. I was delighted to listen and I eagerly await new episodes. I enjoy Jason's questions and perspectives. I highly recommend this podcast for all wellness providers who want to do business a little differently.

Engaging and authentic! I'm really enjoying Jason's interviews. The guests are insightful, and he draws them out with a relaxed interviewing style complete with humor and fun. His guests give some great pearls of wisdom from a wide range of experiences.

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