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Together we explore the challenges that wellness entrepreneurs face when committed to making money AND living healthier lives.

We feature renegades who are making waves – wellness professionals who are pushing against the tide of Big Pharma, insurance conglomerates, and the mainstream medical models, and revolutionising healthcare, one client at a time.

We journey into what it takes to navigate the limitations of the traditional medical model, and create a successful health business without burning out… how to truly become a Wellness Renegade.

Our episodes feature all things business and lifestyle for health professionals, including recently: micro-dosing for health, creating communities on Tik Tok, taking the discomfort out of making money, entrepreneurship in health, being fearlessly visible, and more!

Wellness business podcast library

Episode 1 - Donna Powers

Episode 1: Healing, Homeopathy & Leadership

In this episode, Jason Stein is joined by Donna Powers, a homeopath with 18 years of experience and a vision of a homeopathic kit in every household. Donna’s journey into homeopathy began when her son developed a chronic health issue after she had him vaccinated. After 2 years of invasive tests with no results, she … Read more

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