Get Your Wellness Website Found
AND Get More Clients!



You have spent time and money on your website, but the more you delve into online marketing, the more overwhelming and time consuming it gets - and still, you haven’t seen the results that you really need to fill your business.

Everyone says that SEO and content are crucial, but where do you focus your attention?

And honestly… who has the time to blog every day?

The good news is that...

good news
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    Identifying your core message will give you a clear pathway for website marketing.

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    There is a simple way to understand SEO and use it to get more website visitors.

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    There is a formula for highly shareable content that successful wellness providers use.

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    Once you understand the process you can do it yourself or outsource with confidence, because you know how to get results.

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    With the right process, your digital presence can transform your business.

Wellness Renegades



Message, SEO & Content… that works!


Jason Stein - Wellness Renegades

Jason Stein

Serena Star-Leonard

Serena Star-Leonard

Together, we have created a supportive, hands-on program that empowers wellness professionals to showcase your expertise and get your website found!

In just 6 weeks you will discover...

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    What SEO really is and how to use it on your website. Get the confidence to DIY or outsource.

  • The quick test that shows whether you have committed the ultimate SEO blunder.

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    Your Core Message! Define a message that you can use for all marketing and experience the power of immediate participation from your community.

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    The Social Media Myth. How to reclaim your resources and put your time to more effective use.

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    Creating Content That Works. A simple step-by-step process for uber-shareable content that can flood your website with visitors and potential clients.

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    How to Create and Execute A Simple Content Plan - that is realistic for your business.

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    Website Analysis. How to understand the behavior of the people who visit your website.

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    A Legacy Insight. How to use your expertise to produce world class e-courses, books, podcasts and more.



75 minutes of practical knowledge you can use right now! A new topic & step-by-step action plan each week.
Live via Zoom & Recorded
Wednesdays 2 pm PDT
Sept 15 - Oct 21

Alt Timezones:
5pm Wednesdays EDT 
9am Thursdays NZ time (10am after Sep 26th)
7am Thursdays NSW time (8am after Oct 3rd)


60 minutes for tips and tricks, Q&A, reviews and additional live support.
Live via Zoom & Recorded
Fridays 2 pm PDT
Sept 17 - Oct 23

Alt Timezones:
5pm Fridays EDT 
9am Saturdays NZ time (10am after Sep 26th)
7am Saturdays NSW time (8am after Oct 3rd)



Weekly Actions

Build beneficial habits during the course that will set you up to be found.



Get useful resources designed specifically for busy practitioners.


Real Support

An active Facebook group for support outside of the live sessions.



Free access to Wellness Renegades Community during the course.


SEO course

OPTIONAL... Bonus Sessions with Serena!

Supercharge your course and SEO journey with Bonus One-On-One Coaching Sessions with Serena.
Two sessions are available at a special rate for course participants.

About Jason Stein

Jason Stein (L.Ac) has over 20 years of experience in medical coaching and training. Early in his career, he pioneered one of the first integrative medicine programs in a western hospital.

Jason has trained hundreds of wellness providers on successful business management. He is also a co-host of the Wellness Renegades Podcast. Jason takes a unique and fun approach to executive coaching, employing meditation and chocolate strategy sessions.

About Serena Star-Leonard

Serena Star-Leonard is a social entrepreneur, business coach, and best-selling author of two books. Serena is a co-owner of Website Alchemy and her mission is to empower business owners with website fundamentals, so they can share their expertise, serve their communities and get exciting outcomes!

She removes the mystique of technology and website marketing and distils her wealth of knowledge into everyday language and practical steps.


How much time do I need to put aside each week?

Every business owner is different so we hesitate to put exact hours for you to set aside. We expect that 2-3 hours a week would cover most of the prescribed actions in the course.

But if you find the process exciting and create some world-changing - legacy type content - we won't stop you!

What tools do I need during the program?

For access to e-learning via zoom, it helps to have relatively high-speed internet, ideally on a laptop or desktop so that you can see the finer details in some of the workshops. In a pinch, you can feasibly connect using a smartphone or tablet if you can't get to a larger screen in time.

You will need a microphone to contribute to the conversation and ask questions. 

During Week 1 - we will recommend using a keyword tool that you can purchase for $17 for a month of usage. One month is plenty for this program.

The rest of the course utilizes a selection of free tools, many of which you will already use in your business.

Why is SEO Important for Wellness People?

In reality, SEO is important for any business owner who wants/needs to be found online.

SEO is all about returns.

Returns for the time and money you put into developing and managing your website. And returns for the time you put into (or intend to put into!) blogging, making videos or creating courses.

SEO is about making sure you get the best return possible for your efforts online.

For Wellness Professionals these returns look like more patients/clients booked, and more income from new sources.

In working with hundreds of Wellness Professionals we hear similar issues over and over again:

  • "I know that I should do SEO but I don't know where to start."
  • "SEO is in the too-hard basket."
  • "I am just too busy to learn more."
  • "I don't have enough website visitors to fill my practice."
  • "I don't really know what SEO is, I just know it is important."
  • "I feel overwhelmed about the idea of blogging or creating content"

Do any of these seem familiar?

We have created this course specifically to simplify SEO for Wellness Providers knowing the distinct challenges that you face.

Does the workshop focus on SEO for WordPress websites?

To a certain extent, yes.

There is one main session where we demonstrate step-by-step how to add SEO to a specific post or page in WordPress.

The rest of the course is more general and your skills can be applied to many content management systems (the platforms that you build your website upon).

However, we use WordPress for our own websites and recommend that our clients use WordPress specifically because it is designed so well for SEO.

We don't recommend this course if you use WIX and you intend to stay with WIX. 

Are the sessions recorded, and how can I access them?

This SEO Course will be recorded and placed privately on the Wellness Renegade E-Learning site for future review.


We do encourage you to attend all live sessions if humanly possible!!

We know how easy it is to buy a recorded course, put it in a folder and NEVER LOOK AT IT AGAIN! 

This is not that type of course!

This is designed to be live, intimate, interactive and you will work ON your business from day one! 

We want you to succeed! And we are sure you do too! So... please choose to prioritise your business visibility for these 6 weeks! And use the recordings solely as a backup in case you really must miss a session.

What if I miss a session?

This course builds your skills gradually over the 6 weeks with some clear outcomes possible during the course.

This is not a theoretical course! 

Due to the highly practical nature of the workshops and activities, if you miss a session we recommend watching the recording before the next session.

How do I use the SEO coaching?

You can use your 2 x Sessions during the course or at any time in the 12 months after the end of the course.

These sessions can be used for coaching, strategy, review, or additional training in regards to your website or SEO.

To make a booking please please contact Serena to get on her calendar. 

Can I get extra coaching with Jason?

Yes! Please email Jason directly to check his next availability.