The secret to successful health and wellness coaching

Here’s something I hear from my clients all the time, and I am willing to bet that it resonates with you as well…I love working with patients, and I fit the business side in where I can. 

Maybe it’s 50/50 or 80/20, regardless one thing is clear, business is not their primary concern, nor does it need be. But, the admin side of business needs a certain amount of energy in order to attract the patients and clients to continue working.

This quandary reminds me of a story that was shared by my friend and colleague, Dr. Bob Quinn.

The famous acupuncturist, Yanagishita Sensei, was often asked to talk about business building strategies, since his own practice was unimaginably busy. He saw well over 100 people every day and took no appointments, people simply started to line up at 6:30 outside his house.

His “business” talk consisted of him emphasizing how lightly the left hand should rest on the client’s body (this is called oshide in Japanese). He said if your oshide is light and good, your treatments will be always helpful and pleasant and that people will return for more treatments and will spread the word about your clinic

What Yanagishita Sensei said holds true, but he had the mixed blessing of no internet, no regulatory agencies, and no licensing boards.

On the flip side of the coin, Dr. Khanita Suvarnasuddi, a long standing client of mine, was giving stellar treatments and was ready to grow. She spent time starting her Instagram and YouTube account, downloaded a course management system called, Thinkiffic, and began sharing videos and content regularly. The result was that Dr. Khanita started gaining a following and selling Qi Gong classes online, which provided an alternate source of income when the pandemic hit.

So, in our current age of ultra connection, I encourage you to continue to lean into the medicine. Like the principles of Yin and Yang, great client care (Yin), must be balanced with business marketing and operations (Yang) to grow the business you love.

The time percentages you give to the Yin or Yang of your business will mirror that of the treatments you give, varying with your energy, the practice you run and with the natural lifecycle of your practice.

Instead of getting overwhelmed with percentages, and how to attract new clients, start small with these Yang activities.

Business Mindfulness

Set aside 30-minutes of time with no devices around. Take an an old fashioned piece of paper and pen and ask yourself  the following questions:

  1. What is the simplest social media plan that you can be consistent with at the stage in your practice?
  2. Do you have a clinic handbook with policies and procedures?
  3. Are you clear on your marketing activities for the next two business quarters?

If not, consider starting with a weekly admin afternoon to address the Yang activities in your business.  

And, if you’re looking for an online business community to give you the motivation and accountability to step into this balance, then you have landed in the right place.

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