Tiny House Reset Retreat for Entrepreneurs

Your Path to Reclaiming Time, Money, and Well-being

Are you a who is tired of feeling overwhelmed and ready for a ketamine retreat?

In today's fast-paced business landscape, it's easy to get caught up in a never-ending cycle of putting out fires, leaving little time for innovation and personal well-being. The constant pressure of managing cash flow and the weight of business responsibilities have started to take a toll on your sleep and personal relationships. You long for a simpler, more fulfilling way to live – one where you wake up with a sense of ease and purpose, rather than reaching for coffee and opening texts and emails.

It's time to break free from the relentless pursuit of success and find sustainable growth that aligns with your values and supports your family goals. This is where the Tiny House Retreat comes in.

This isn't your typical high-priced retreat filled with generic team-building exercises and empty promises. The Founders Reset Retreat has been carefully crafted by wellness professionals Dr. Rachel Sterry and Jason Stein, LAc, who understand the unique needs of health and business owners like you. They have distilled the essentials of what it takes to reset, recharge, and re-emerge into your business world with a newfound sense of clarity and purpose, allowing you to create not just more clarity, but also more time.

But how can you truly create more time?

During this transformative retreat, you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery and introspection. You'll explore key questions that will reshape your relationship with your work, your life, and your time:

How to create more time
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    Are you prioritizing your physical and mental well-being through regular exercise and self-care?

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    How connected are you to your higher purpose in the workplace?

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    Do you allow yourself the necessary time off on weekends and vacations to recharge and reconnect with what truly matters?

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    What daily practices can you implement to foster discipline and productivity while aligning with your authentic self?

Wellness Renegades


The Tiny House Reset Retreat

Your Path to Reclaiming Time, Money, and Well-being

The Tiny House Reset Retreat Experience:

  • Tiny house

    Three night stay in our tiny house retreat located in beautiful downtown Joseph, OR.

  • Business Session

    Two immersive 90-minute deep-dive business sessions led by seasoned professionals, supplemented by the transformative Japanese Coaching Harada Self Reliance Survey and Matrix. Gain invaluable insights and strategies to propel your business forward.

  • lotus

    Personalized consultation with a holistic physician, Dr. Rachel, who will provide expert guidance on optimizing your physical and mental well-being with a personalized tailored wellness plan.

  • open door

    Embark on a profound Macro Ketamine Retreat on this journey, carefully facilitated by our experienced team, unlocking new perspectives and opening doors to personal growth and new paths to success.

  • spa sauna

    Rejuvenate your body and mind with daily saunas, designed to detoxify and invigorate your senses.

  • icon__0002_icons8-stones

    Discover the power of the Flowpresso method, a unique blend of infrared and compression therapy.

  • Organic Meal

    Savor organic evening meals, prepared with love and care, to nourish your body and enhance your overall well-being. (other meals are not included, but can be found locally at the market or local restaurants)

  • nature

    Connect with nature through guided walks in the stunning Wallowa Mountains, immersing yourself in the serenity and beauty of the surroundings.


“The most profound experience of my adult life thus far.

The Founder Reset Retreat was exactly what I needed at this time in my life, when my businesses are being challenged, my heart was uneasy and I was literally burnt out. I was able to experience myself at a level I have not done since before I had kids.

The retreat was a way to escape the noise and hustle of daily life and be nourished and held in a way that encourages you to observe and feel what needs to shift inside of you.. so you can re-envision what you are meant to create in life.

I was reminded of my purpose and my passions and also my grief and loss. And I’m not going to lie…it was fucking hard. But I showed up for myself and did the work and I have a tangible plan, a new vision and a set of skills and support on my journey forward.

If you are a founder and feel like all you do is put out fires all day and can’t seem to get in front of things, you are working in the business not on the business.. this 3 day retreat is for you.

I am so grateful for this experience.”

Lara Dilkes
Founder - Lala’s Wellness + AcuLand

connection, clarity, and communication

By combining these elements of connection, clarity, and communication, the tiny house reset retreat provides a holistic approach to personal and professional growth, equipping business founders with the tools and support they need to thrive in their entrepreneurial endeavors.



This element of the retreat focuses on fostering a deep connection to yourself. Through your ketamine journey, you’ll gain profound introspection and a heightened sense of self-awareness. Ketamine has been shown to facilitate a unique and transformative experience, allowing you to explore your inner world, connect with your authentic self, and gain a deeper understanding of your personal values, desires, and motivations.



The retreat aims to provide business founders with a sense of mental clarity and perspective.

The business deep dives along with the Harada Self Reliance Survey and goal will help you gain clarity on your vision, goals, and strategies, helping you to make informed decisions and move forward with a renewed sense of purpose.



The holistic physician consult in the retreat will focus on enhancing communication skills, both interpersonal and professional. The physician will provide insights on stress management, self-reliance, and holistic approaches to communication, at work and at home enabling participants to improve their leadership skills, build strong teams, and effectively convey their ideas and vision to others.

But the Tiny House Retreat doesn't end there.

SEO course

Following the retreat, you'll have the opportunity to continue your wellness and business journey with ongoing accountability and support. Our team will provide personalized guidance to ensure your newfound insights and practices integrate seamlessly into your daily life, leading to lasting transformation.

The investment

The cost of this life-changing program is


(excluding travel to and from Joseph Oregon and add ons can be made for breakfasts and/or lunches)

An investment in your personal and professional growth that will yield exponential returns.

Take the first step towards a more balanced, prosperous, and fulfilling life.

Join us at the Tiny House Retreat by filling out your application below and rediscovering what truly matters.

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