The Top SEO Mistakes that Wellness People Make.

In working with hundreds of Wellness Professionals over the years, we hear this repeatedly:

“I know I need SEO, but I don’t know where to start,
and honestly, it all seems too hard.”

If you are making SEO mistakes, often the only symptom is that your calendar is not as busy as you would like it to be.

Does this sound familiar?

For your reading pleasure, I have collated the 6 most common website and SEO mistakes that Wellness People make— and an opportunity to leap ahead of the game before 2022!

A Slow Website

SEO Mistakes

When your website is slow, everyone knows about it. Except they may not, because if your website is slow enough, it won’t even be served in Google! We have met wellness professionals with beautiful websites and few or no calls—for months.. or years.

After we spent a few hours speeding up their websites, they had new client enquiries the next day. THE NEXT DAY!

Poor website speed is not just a problem. If your website is slow enough, it can be the difference between being seen and not being seen. You can test your website speed with the GT Metrix Speed Test (login to define your location) or Pingdom Speed Test.

If you need assistance speeding up a WordPress website, we can help.

Short or Boring Services Pages

If I read your services page, will I know exactly what you do? Will I be excited to work with you? Will it be clear to the Search Engines where you shine?

Many wellness people have services pages that are too brief, too boring, too technical, or they assume the reader already knows something about you or your industry.

These pages create the following problems:

  • Google (and other search engines) don’t know who the page is for.
  • You leave your potential clients/patients uninspired.
  • Using too many industry terms can make people feel stupid.
  • You make potential clients/patients work too hard to get the information they want.

Over time, a lack of interest in your page will not only impact how many people call, but it will also reduce your visibility in the search engines, even if you were being found well at one stage.

Not Understanding Keywords
SEO mistakes

We build websites for wellness people, and in the initial sales call I very often show our clients how keywords work… and I see the lights turn on in just 10 minutes…

Every. Single. Time.

Fundamental SEO is not rocket science. Keyword research is not rocket science. Of course, beyond the basics, you can get super technical with SEO, but just doing the basics matters. It is like turning the light on.

If you have put all SEO activities in the too hard basket, you will be surprised at just how quickly you can understand the fundamentals. When you can see what your potential clients and patients are looking for when they are looking for you.

It’s a revelation.

Not Sharing your Expertise

Even if you are a general practitioner. If you are not highlighting the areas in which you excel, and where you have developed a unique approach to healing you are keeping your talent in the dark.

How do new people (or search engines) know you are passionate about helping people with chronic pain, gut issues or fertility needs unless you tell them clearly, in great detail on your website?

Your website is where you get to establish who you are for your patients/clients before they decide to meet you. So, your website must be personal, say plenty about your approach, philosophy and specialties and feel like a conversation with you.

From an SEO perspective, sharing your specific areas of expertise gives the search engines plenty of keywords, very often people look in Google for help with specific ailments, so make sure you talk about them enough to be matched with those searches.

Also, Google wants you to be always adding to the content of your website. If your website is static, you will lose favour over time. Blogging (or creating new resources) about your areas of expertise will help with SEO and sales once people find you.

No Google My Business
SEO course for chiropractors

This one is simple. If you have a place of business and want clients/patients. You need Google My Business to be working for you. If you don’t have it, start your profile today and get the verification process underway.

Being Too Busy to Learn

“I know I should do SEO, but I am too busy.”

“I don’t know where to start with SEO, it’s all too hard.”

This is actually the number 1 mistake because SEO can have immediate results, but it is also a long game. It is about making your website smart enough that it can fill your business with the right patients/clients consistently.

If you could fast forward to 2022 and see that smart content and SEO fundamentals were the catalyst for keeping you booked and busy, would you spend some time developing those habits now?

Would that be a good enough reason to prioritise learning how to harness SEO in your business?

If the answer is YES! Wellness Business Coach Jason Stein and I have come together to create an SEO Course for Wellness People!

We designed it for busy practitioners who need simple, practical step-by-step access to SEO strategy and application. It is intimate, live, hands-on and beautifully supportive.

The SEO Course for Wellness People starts September 15.
We would love to see you there!

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