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Together is better

Support for Growing Your Wellness Business

Are you overwhelmed trying to do too much in your business?

Once you open your doors, either literally or virtually, a wellness business can quickly become all-encompassing. Before you know it, your business is managing you (!) and the idea of a work-life balance feels like an impossible dream.

The cat-and-mouse game of sales & marketing, business admin, making profitable choices and having to be all things to all people is not only exhausting, but it overrides what called you to this industry in the first place–to help people be happy and healthy.

We created the Wellness Renegades Community to help you simplify and scale your wellness business. To work less and earn more. We provide tried and tested resources and a supportive network to help you find a healthy balance while making more money.


The key to growing in sustainable ways is support, accountability, and action, all within the right group environment.


A wellness business focus

A Community Structure, Built with You in Mind


The Renegade Toolbox

A toolbox specifically designed for wellness professionals!

We’ve crafted resources like tailored marketing plans, strategic plans and video challenges to simplify and elevate your business.


Strategic Monthly Focus

What makes your eyes glaze over? Is it… Sales? Marketing? SEO? Social Media? Diversifying Revenue?

Each month, we focus on one topic with achievable steps that will empower you to empty your too-hard basket.

Wellness Business Coach

A Community of Fellow Travelers

We facilitate connections with like-minded Renegades willing to share their secret sauce for business success.

Together we can help you overcome pitfalls, motivate you to action, grow your practice, and celebrate your successes!

Your membership includes...


Icon Monday Call

Monday Morning Roll Call

We start each week powerfully with a 30-minute check-in. Get your juices flowing and begin the week with intention.

Icon Speed Networking

Speed Networking

Grow your personal and professional networks with intentional yet personal meetings with other communty members each quarter.

Icon Coworking Sessions

CoWorking Sessions

We host weekly communal admin hours so you can benefit from the energy of your peers, and get those crucial (and often pesky!) tasks done.

Icon Global Support

Global Support

Our members hail from seven countries and growing. Although the community is US-centric, our international members offer invaluable insights for using our skills to expand online.

Icon Resources Library

Invaluable Resources

Our library of resources give you highly practical user friendly templates for strategy, planning, marketing and more. PLUS! Access to the most rewarding challenges from the past.

Icon Private Platform

Private Dedicated Platform

A private FB group to share questions and get real time support from the hive mind. PLUS! A Telegram channel if FB isn't your thing.

Introducing Jason & Rachel

About our founders

Jason Stein, L.Ac. has been building online communities since 2007. As both a licensed acupuncturist and professional wellness business coach, he has worked with over a thousand business owners to help them take action and get results. Together is Better is more than a phrase for him. He has always believed that community is the simplest and healthiest way to grow both personally and professionally.

Rachel Sterry, N.D. is a primary care physician in the state of Oregon. She is also an admitted fitness nut and nutrition junkie. Through personal training, yoga, and natural medicine she has helped many professionals and business owners come back from the brink of burning out. She understands what it is to balance the endless demands of a young family with growing a successful business.

Together Jason and Rachel also run Wallowa Ave. Wellness. A small-yet-mighty wellness space for health retreats in Joseph, OR. They cherish the challenges and rewards of running both an online community and a face to face community together from one space.

You don’t need to go it alone anymore.


Join our ready made community!

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Community Membership

Community Membership is Currently Closed

Get the support you need to finally turn your insights into action and scale your business with more simplicity, confidence, and ease.


Are you ready for action? If you have big goals to achieve, add a monthly coaching session with Jason Stein for experienced insight & accountability.

Indivdiualzed Support and Accountability

Get Paid What You Are Worth by Jason Stein, Wellness Renegades

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Do you feel uncomfortable talking about money or even asking your patients to pay their bills?

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